American Apparel®...coming back stronger than ever!

If you have landed here, it’s likely you’re one of the loyal American Apparel® customers who have loved this brand for many years. Sadly, the company filed for bankruptcy on November 14th, 2016. As part of that bankruptcy process, Gildan® has successfully acquired the American Apparel® brand. 

We are excited about adding the American Apparel brand to our growing portfolio and integrating it into our Printwear business. Gildan® and American Apparel® share a vision that owning the factories and building responsible practices and sustainable solutions into the manufacturing process is the way to do it right. We know that this iconic brand was built upon a heritage of fabric innovation, great styling and unique marketing campaigns, all things that we intend on maintaining a focus on.  

We are working hard to ensure the transition of this business is as seamless as possible for you., Understanding that a bankruptcy process must be completed while we work on the integration, we unfortunately have to inform you that there will be a temporary interruption in service while we move the customer service, distribution and websites onto new platforms. We anticipate this to be completed late February. In the interim, you can fulfill orders by directly contacting one of our authorized wholesale distributors listed below.

We thank you for your patience and loyalty and look forward to building upon American Apparel’s strength and, in combination with Gildan’s expertise, taking this brand to new heights!

**Questions about existing orders with American Apparel can be directed to your American Apparel Wholesale Customer Service Department at 213-488-0226 ext.2000 or You can still make payments on American Apparel invoices through our on-line payment site at